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pm network august 2019

here’s your sneak peek inside the new issue: the great government reboot, delivering big results on small budgets and extreme risk management. and that’s just for starters.

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  • going extremes

    going to extremes member content locked

    out-of-the-ordinary project sites force teams to prepare for the worst.

  • small budget

    small budget, big ambition member content locked

    when funds are tighter, teams must prioritize tasks and objectives.

  • manda survival mode

    m&a survival mode member content locked

    when companies join forces, roles are in jeopardy. here’s how to thrive amid an organizational reset.

  • public disturbance

    public disturbance member content locked

    government it initiatives are lagging. project managers must get stakeholders on board—and up to speed.

  • unexpected lift

    unexpected lift member content locked

    built-in flexibility helped a project team erect the tallest building in africa.

  • popular demands

    popular demands member content locked

    2019 pmi project of the year finalist. three teams exceeded expectations to deliver benefits to the masses.

  • and theres more

    and there's more member content locked

    check out the full issue online for the latest and greatest from the world of project management.


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