agile practices

agile approaches to project management aim for early, measurable roi through defined, iterative delivery of product increments. they feature continuous involvement of the customer throughout the product development cycle. although agile has its roots in software and it, agile adoption is growing and expanding in a wide range of industries.

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    tame the haters member content locked

    by fewell, jesse "we want to be controversial for a moment and propose an end to projects and project management." so goes the opening chapter of #noprojects: a culture of continuous value, a book published this…

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    safe & sound member content locked

    by thomas, jen project manager cecilie wang and architect jakob gate started with a personal mission rather than a specific project in mind. in late 2016, feeling unfulfilled by the work they were doing in the…

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    bridge builders member content locked

    pm network queried the project management community about keeping virtual teams engaged

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    agility in motion member content locked

    electric bikes aren't exactly known for their aesthetics. but, with its most recent product-development project, the french upstart coleen looks to change that, taking jean prové's classic world war…

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    degrees of uncertainty registered user content locked

    by fewell, jesse if you've never heard project managers debate the merits of agile, here's a quick summary. a gruff project manager says, "since your agile approach doesn't fit my oil exploration projects, it's not…

two powerful reasons to blend agile and waterfall

every project is different and a “one size fits all’ approach may not always be the right way. in this problem solver video, dave prior, pmp, pmi-acp—agile consultant and podcaster, explains the benefits of blending agile and waterfall techniques, to get amazing results.

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